The Museum

Random fantasy inspired from one a writing promt app on my phone. The prompt called for a story involving a necklace, a museum and the word “climax”. I changed it a little bit but I think this works pretty fucking well, especially since it took less than 15 minutes to write. Inspiration comes in all forms but when it hits, it hits hard and fast, which is always fun.

high heel shoes

She stood in line at the museum, waiting her turn to pay the $20 to get in. She wasn’t sure if he would be there or not, but he said he would be here and told her what display to go to and where to stand.

Nervously, she goes over to the display he commanded she go to and waits. She stares at the necklace in the glass case not really seeing it. Her mind is on other things, the messages they’ve exchanged back and forth for the last few months, the emails and dirty text messages. She doesn’t see the necklace right in front of her, but in her mind’s eye she sees the herself, bound and helpless in the arms of someone she’s only really known for a quarter of a year. Shivers of excitement brush over her skin and appear in the form of goose bumps.

This particular part of the museum is fairly empty which is good, because she’s not sure she could muster even a hint of a smile at the moment, and she’s certain that the scent of arousal is coming from her own panties. For a moment she ponders the fact that no one cares about the Egyptian pieces in the room any longer. These beautiful works of art have been on display for months and are old news by now. The crowds are gathered down the hall where everyone would rather stare at the new display of some piece of a dinosaur someone recently discovered. She doesn’t remember much about the story there, but she doesn’t care either. She’s not here to view the artwork or the fossils. She’s here on orders from a Dom.

Trying to breathe as silently as possible she listens for foot traffic leading into the room. Stand in front of the display and wait. Do not turn around. He had instructed. Wear a short skirt, a thong at the most if you insist on wearing underwear and keep your hair up off your neck. She shivers again and looks down at her watch. Almost 4:30, he should be here any moment.

Suddenly she hears the solid, confident steps of a man walking toward her and almost turns in anticipation before catching herself and stiffening in anticipation. She holds her breath and closes her eyes, unsure of what to do or where to look, where to put her arms. She winds up crossing them in front of her, sure that her insecurity and nerves are easily visible to whomever just entered the room.

Moments later, strong hands are around her, embracing her from behind. The solid wall of a well chiseled male form is pushed against her. She feels his hot breath is on her neck and she can literally feel him breathe in the scent of her shampoo. She sways slightly and leans back into him, thankful that her wait is over and anxious to find out what wicked things he has planned for her. Why did he want to meet here? Granted she told him she thought she might be a bit of an exhibitionist, but there was no way she was going to go along with much public display of affection at such a busy museum.

All thoughts leave her though when his teeth lightly nibble her bare neck, biting hard in some places and barely touching her in others. The sensation of him tracing down to her shoulder is almost more than she can bare and she gasps when he lowers the strap to her shirt down her arm and continues to nibble her with his mouth. Closing her eyes she can only feel, too afraid to actually react with more than a light sigh and an almost silent moan.

Her pussy wets at the thought of getting caught any minute, and she can hear the sound of a crowd walking around and talking somewhere nearby in the museum. She can’t make out what they’re saying, but then she doesn’t really care either, as long as they avoid this room where her head is spinning and her heart is racing. Her libido revved up she realizes that the excitement of possibly getting caught is pushing her so much closer to orgasm than she thought possible, especially from simple kisses and bites along her shoulder line. Moaning lightly she opens her eyes and looks up at the wall in front of her as his hands start to roam over her body. She must have moved because suddenly his deep voice is thick in her ear; “Don’t turn around” he says as he slides his hand up the back of her skirt and thumbs her wet folds for a few seconds before making light circles on her clit.

“Do you see the camera?” He asks.

It takes her a second to realize he’s being serious and her eyes snap open. She looks up above the necklace on display and there, pointed directly at them is a security camera, red light blinking, indicating that it is on and recording. Before she can even gasp he bends her over the display case and is thrusting his rock hard cock into her.

“Since they’re watching, we might as well give them a good show.” he says as he fucks her from behind, pounding into her over and over again. She can’t believe this is happening and the thrill of it all catches in her throat. Her orgasm hangs over her like a tidal wave determined to knock her off her feet. She tries to tune out all thought of where she is and just how public this act is when he leans toward her ear again, fucking her all the while.

“Do you hear them? The others in the museum? Can you imagine what someone would say if they randomly decide to come in here now?” He whispers to her. “It would be totally obvious what we’re doing.”

He continues to talk to her, whispering about how easily they could get caught, one hand down the front of her skirt, playing with her clit, the other moving so that it’s around her throat, keeping her from turning toward him.

Without thinking, she starts to moan and orgasm and the hand around her throat tightens.

“No. I didn’t give you permission to cum you, dirty girl.” He growls. Her pussy clenches and she tries very hard not to climax. He pulls her down by her throat, bending her over the display so that her breasts are pushing into the glass case holding the necklace. He flips her skirt up so that her bare ass is exposed to anyone walking in the room and anyone watching the security camera and he slaps her, hard across the ass.

She cries out in ecstasy and can’t hold back the orgasm that rushes through her body. She barely hears him groan but feels him thrust as far into her as he can go and then she feels his hot cum hitting her insides flushing through her like a raging liquid fire and she cums again. They stand there for a moment, his cock still throbbing inside of her as she tries to catch her breath.

She breathes in and looks around the room, the scaled down version of Egyptian pyramids set in a desert like setting, and she sees the security guard looking back at her from across the room. How did she not notice he was there? And how long has he been standing there? She thinks to herself. She’s about to turn and ask her Dom if he knew the guard was there when the guard looks past her, to her Dominant and grins. Then tips his hat to her, winks and walks off.

“See? I told you we’d give them a good show. How about an encore?” her lover says, before pulling out of her pussy and shoving his rock hard, and Pussy soaked cock into her ass.

This time, she KNOWS some of the others in the museum have heard her cry out because it’s suddenly entirely too quiet for normal business hours. But she doesn’t care. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she feels herself thrusting back into him, crying out louder and louder each time. She finds that she is unable to muster up the strength of will to care and she cums hard and fast and loudly.

It doesn’t take long before another security officer walks in and tells them they have to leave the museum, now, and they are NOT welcome back.

Laughing, he pulls out of her, slaps her bare ass again and says “Shall we continue this at home, slut?” before grabbing her hand and rushing her out of the museum. Her face is so red, her mind over taken by complete humiliation and embarrassment that she doesn’t have any response other than to follow him.



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4 thoughts on “The Museum

  1. lidsamy March 11, 2014 at 6:12 AM Reply

    I need a mint julep after this one

    • autumn March 11, 2014 at 7:09 AM Reply

      Haha, you said that about the last one too. ;)

      • lidsamy March 17, 2014 at 9:17 PM Reply

        there’s a pattern here

  2. Kaitlin April 1, 2014 at 11:23 AM Reply

    Absolutely love this!

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